Thursday, February 16, 2012

DAY 1- Getting my act ready for the road

Haay, my new Avon tires have a logo change. The one above is last years, the one below is this years. I hope that's all that has changed, I like these tires.
These tires have lasted double the mileage+  of the oem Dunlop tires.
New bearings & wax the wheels.
How clever of me to put rubber between the new exhaust & the bike. Live & learn. It melted away and the bolts rattled out. As I ate a sandwich in Mexico, I gave the exhaust a kick. It bounced a little. Oh boy. Specialty bolts. There were 2 left holding the bracket on, took one & snugged it up. Kept an eye on it without issue the rest of the ride.

I was told that my exhaust was too loud. Maybe. So, I tried a few potential solutions.
My buddy Eric Paquette @ DAS Motorcycle Performance said he would weld a few thing for me.
He builds his own bikes with whatever parts he can find.
This bike went 235mph when finished. I shouldn't say finished. He is tweeking it because of some aerodynamic issues.
He developed a supercharger that is supposed to be extra zippy...
Lolly pops...
Another project with a blown motor.
Pvc to get the end piece & baffle out.
Here's the lolly washer to quiet the muffler a little. All these good ideas. I hope it didn't crack a windshield. It was gone by the time I hit Texas.
OK, these gaskets don't quite fit. Reshape them a little. Use a little silicone that's heat resistant. Unless there is something about sealing it to well, it's a go.
The plugs look good. Put the new ones in.

Looky here. An oil delivery.

Waiting for new tires ...
A 30 tooth sprocket...
Alright, Avons are ready...
A few late nights. Make sure everything is tight. Changed the oil...
Button up some loose ends...
Put together 'lose-able tools'...
I decided to put a drop guard on. Wow! Dirt from Alaska hidden in the nooks & crannies.
Some funky plugs. There must be somebody designing these clips just to bust balls...
Spray everything a few times...

Almost ready. Have the traditional lobster meal with the Mrs.
Next day, afternoon because of a few packing issues etc., I'm off.
The new exhaust is hotter than the old & burnt my silly pants by the first fuel stop. I was miffed. I didn't wear them again the whole trip. "I have principles, if you don't like them, I can change them".(Groucho Marx)

It's grey and cloudy. The horizon looks promising...

 I am avoiding New York City & New Jersey. I have principles. A few bad experiences in past rides about road signs & gas stations being very elusive there. Of course it has nothing to do with me missing a few signs & making a few bad choices.
The sun is setting...
It turned out nice, weather wise.
Looking for a Pennsylvania.
Scranton, PA. Truthfully I headed here because of the television show 'The Office'. And to avoid NYC & NJ.

Some hills in Scranton. I thought it was flat.
An old banner heading into downtown. It's actually mid June.
Don't know what it is. It's nice.
A maze of fire exits on that building.
OK. Bill McKinley was President for 2 terms. Somebody wasn't happy with him. He was 1 of 4 Presidents assassinated. Who were the other 3?
They also named the highest peak in North America after him. Mt. McKinley (or Denali) in Alaska. I am assuming it is him, till further notice.
This is familiar to me. The name escapes me.
I am a believer in 'Daily Learning'. You wouldn't know it from the way I don't research things I reference. I do research them @ my leisure.
Scranton, PA was a quiescent little jaunt. Off to Harrisburg.
Gettysburg, PA will be more thought provoking than I anticipated.

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