Monday, July 16, 2012

I headed cross country via Mexico

Here we go. I went for a ride, took some pictures & 17000+ miles later, I am going to try & lay it out in a timely manner. I'm not much with words, but, I always wanted to be.
Here are few places I've been on my quest to ride my motorcycle to all 50 states.

I did some riding & hit Gettysburg, PA.

Took beautiful ride to Mount Washington, NH.
Decided to head South to Key West.
Colorado's Independence Pass
Mazatlan, Mexico
A bit of Utah
Valdez, Alaska
Arctic Circle, Alaska
Riding @ night in Montana
The heat of the Baja in Mexico
The rain on the Dalton Highway, Alaska
Mount Rushmore, South Dakota
Taking a break in Mexico
Leaving California into Oregon
 The Yukon in Canada

Niles, Michigan for a MidWestThunder V Rod Meet

  Hitting my 50th state on a V Rod
 I have discovered I like to ride. Creating goals and completing them has always dog-ed me. So far, so good. Fifty states & now I know more than I did. I have some new goals about future destinations. I hope they happen.
Here is part of the map I use...  8 >)..

WHOOOOPPS!! Wrong map. This is the basic plan. Getting lost & lets see what's over there side trips are not included.

DAY 5- Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas